Fix macOS Mojave’s dock

Nov. 9th, 2018

I hate the macOS dock. I would completely remove it I could.

Since there’s no option to remove the dock, I’ve followed these steps to forget it exists:

  1. Set size to the smallest
  2. Disable magnification
  3. Enable auto-hide
  4. Remove all application icons

To my surprise, after upgrading to Mojave, step 4 didn’t work. Every time I closed an app, an icon was magically added to the dock. I kept removing the offending icons, but it kept happening.

For a few days I assumed this was a Mojave bug. This was the price I would pay for upgrading on release day.

Then I discovered another feature from iOS that had made its way to macOS: “Show recent applications in Dock”. After disabling this setting, I restored the barely there dock I’ve had for over a decade.

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